Cafe, coffee shop, is there a difference?

These are, basically, two institutions in which it is possible to drink coffee, but they have different origins. Coffee originated in Europe in the 16th century, while coffee shops are from the United States and have been created in the 20th century! In addition, coffee shops also offer to taste specialties of coffee and milk that does not necessarily find in cafes, and accompany a sweet or salty snacks.

Cafe de Flore Coffee Shop

We see more and more flourish in large cities, and it is trendy places where it is good to ask with a cup of coffee, latte or macchiato. The coffee shops are now part of the French landscape, but they are still very recent in France.

While cafes rather place in the tradition, the coffee shops want resolutely contemporary and modern in architecture as in principle: it is not uncommon for customers currently enjoy their cup of hot coffee while scanning the screen of their computer connected to wi-fi. The coffee is mainly the place to meet friends and chat with ease, inside or on the terrace in the summertime. These are two different designs of coffee, but are far from being incompatible!

Café, The origins

Well before appearing coffee shops, there were already places in Europe where you could meet and drink a hot drink: the famous cafes!

The first show in Istanbul in 1555, where one can consume kava for a small fee and also were places of exchange. The first French cafe is open in 1669 in Marseille, by an Armenian living in France. Three years later, he’s back by turning a small shop in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, which later became an iconic place with its many cafes frequented by intellectuals.

This is also in cafes that many famous people like Murat, Lamartine, Lenin and Karl Marx meet to discuss and change the world. And it’s even in front the Café de Foy that Camille Desmoulins delivers his speech July 12, 1789, which is considered as one of the triggers of the storming of the Bastille two days later. Later places of vice, prohibition and freedom of thought, political and religious authorities try to close these institutions, such as England, Germany and Sweden.

There were 300 cafes in Paris in the early 18th century and are now thousands! Some have become legends, such as the Café de Flore and the Deux Magots, senior venues writers, painters and other artists.