Cafe Mystique Coffee, a relationship coffee

Sustainable Harvest – The Relationship coffee model



These days, it seems like the term ‘Relationship Coffee’ is being used by lots of people to describe beans that can be traced back to the farmer that grew them. But Sustainable Harvest takes the concept even further. The way we see it, Relationship Coffee isn’t just a fact, a story, or a type of coffee–its a business model, infused into every aspect of how we operate.

Mystique Coffee understood the importance of fairtraide and Relationship coffee since we started doing business, 15 years ago. Our company is oriented on transparency and we are proud of it.

Your Partner for Relationship Coffee.

We source specialty-grade coffee from 84 producer organizations in 15 countries in Latin America and East Africa, representing a wide range of cup profiles which we sell on a spot and forward-booking basis. Our Relationship Coffee model ensures that these coffees are of the highest quality and have a positive social impact that we can share with our customers.

Rely on Quality

Over 20 years of experience in direct coffee sourcing has proven to us that investment in our supply chain makes business sense. We bring the best technology and traceability systems to the farm level, partnering with coffee growers during cultivation, harvest, processing, and transport of coffee. The outcome is improved delivery performance, greater consistency, best-in-class reliability and exceptional quality.

An Inclusive Supply Chain

Sustainable Harvest invests in their supply chain at every step, bringing innovative technology, training, and infrastructure to their partners. They link coffee growers to markets while building systems that bring high quality coffee to roasters. They operate with ultimate transparency, making sure all stakeholders are included in the conversation. For Mystique Coffee Sustainable Harvest is a dayly partner and to work with them for many more years.