KR 1203/1403

Expecting to grind a large amount of coffee in a short time? Our 1203/1403 models is what you need. Because of their performance, robustness, simple and safe operation, these grinders are used in highly frequented coffee retail stores. The standard hopper of a KR1203 and KR1403 holds 2.4 lbs of coffee beans.)  Téléchargez les spécifications techniques en format...
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Start-up grinder. Single cup serving. Grinding into coffee bags or filters. Up to 30 lbs/day grinding. Ideal if you own a small coffee shop or want to conduct sample grindings in your roasting plant. Impressive functionality and exceptional reliability are the most important features of the 804 model series. What’s more, these coffee grinders are very easy to clean. The main difference...
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