For the second consecutive year, Café Mystique is participating in the Orang-Outan world coffee program, which is trying to save the species threatened by the wild cultivation of palm oil. Thus, for every bag of this premium coffee sold, $ 1.25 is given directly to the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program (SOCP), a scientific organization dedicated to the safeguarding of orangutans since 1999.

The biologist and filmmaker Jean Lemire supports this noble cause. “Two million hectares of Indonesian forests are annihilated each year, equivalent to six football fields per minute, for palm oil monocultures. And more than 50% of processed food would contain palm oil. Without knowing it, by consuming these products, we supply ammunition to this merciless war that kills life in all its forms. We must support the work of scientists who are trying to save the last orangutans of the planet.” Lemire’s film “The victims of palm oil” is a true cry for help and his recent book “L’Odyssée des illusions” devotes many chapters to this environmental problem that concerns us all.

Consumers can purchase Orang-Outan coffee at the following stores: IGA Extra, Metro Plus, Rachèle-Béry, Tau and many other participating fine grocery stores. They can also make a donation at the SOCP website.

Café Mystique Coffee, which also manages of Toi Moi & amp; Café, is a Montreal-based company that has distinguished itself for nearly twenty years by its high-end products and equipment, with its ecological transformation practices and its commitment to several social causes. It is currently the only roasting company in North America to import Café Orang-Outan.