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Born from the collaboration between small farmers in Africa and European international aid organizations in the years 1950 to 1960, the Fair Trade wanted to fight the inequalities inherent in international trade. Faced with world prices too low and often dependent on unscrupulous intermediaries, producers and their families were kept in poverty. By partnering with…. >>



These are, basically, two institutions in which it is possible to drink coffee, but they have different origins. Coffee originated in Europe in the 16th century, while coffee shops are from the United States and have been created in the 20th century! In addition, coffee shops also offer…  plus >>




Find this and other delicious recipes in our website.  plus >>



Café Mystique is distibuted on several supermarkets, such as IGA, Metro et Loblaws. As well as in Rachelle-Béry et Marché Avril.
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We offer you valuable information about our coffees, recipes, video capsules, tips and more.
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Sour Cream & Coffee Cake
Cooking & Baking with coffee is exciting! Try this delicious recipe at home, for a great dessert to enjoy with family and friends.
Try this delicious recipe. >>

To participate: with any purchase of any bag of Café Mystique Coffee you will get a participation to the draw of the main prize and secondary prizes. Fill in the online form on our website , and enter the code you will found on the back of the sticker on every bag.

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